The Definitive Guide To Free Fortnite V-Bucks by YaDakJoo Team in 2019

Fortnite is most likely the most famous game to ever exist in the last 10 years, and no wonder why, it’s really fun and you can play with a bunch of friends.
The issue is when your teammates have always the best and latest skins and you don’t. Whatever the reason, maybe you don’t have money to spend on the game and simply can’t, YaDakJoo team will show you how you can get free v-bucks. Lets begin!

YaDakJoo Team: The Best Way To Get Fortnite V-Bucks Method

  1. Go To SmartVBucks
  2. Scroll down and click on “Click To Start”
  3. Fill in your username and your platform
  4. Choose the amount of V-Bucks you’d like to receive (I suggest you select the most you can, later you can also repeat this process and get more if you’d like)
  5. Unlike most ways, SmartVBucks also allows you to upgrade your Fortnite account and get the PVE mode (Zombie Fortnite), select that if you want to unlock it
  6. Wait a bit while the website is doing it’s thing
  7. Sometimes you will be asked to perform a human verification, especially if this is your first time using SmartVBucks. After completing it once you won’t have to do it ever again.
  8. When the survey unlocks and you get a success message, you should re-login into your Fortnite account
  9. Enjoy your V-Bucks

What is Fortnite and Why V-Bucks are important?

Fortnite is a game developed by Epic Games and released in 2017. It is available in three different game modes: Save the World (PVE w/ Zombies), Battle Royale where you can play with up to four players against 100 other players to be the last person standing, and Creative where you can do whatever you want basically, build, fly, create maps, …

One of the things that made this game big was timing and availability. During the launch of game such as PUBG and it’s rising popularity, Fortnite was a free alternative and one that ran on most platforms. As of today it runs on Android, iOS, Nintendo, PS4 and PC without costing a penny.

YaDakJoo Fortnite: Fortnite VS PUBG Growth
YaDakJoo Comparison: Fortnite VS PUBG Growth

V-Bucks are the currency, with them you can buy almost anything, and the thing players want the most is skins and other cosmetics.

When you start the game you only get the “Default Skin” which is rather ugly looking and simple. Most players really like the skins because they look awesome and you can look however you want. That’s why YaDakJoo wants to give you free v-bucks at Fortnite, so you can enjoy the game to the max.

Fortnite YaDakJoo: 5 out of 100s of Fortnite Skins
5 out of 100s of Fortnite Skins

Other things that is loved are dances, usually used to flex on the opponent when you kill them.

And that’s it, YadakJoo Team thanks you for reading the post, and wishes you many wins!

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